New Adventure

We are off on a new adventure, folks! Like many real crafters, I am quickly outgrowing my little 8x12 room. Currently, I have an outbuilding that has been divided to allow my husband and myself to each have a side. So each of us have an 8x12 ft room split with a wall and curtain door. This set up is not only smaller than I would like but also isn't very heat efficient.
I have several different crafts I play with so I have sections of storage and pull out what I need to work on at the moment. However, even after some thoughtful organizing, I still need more room! I'm sure this is purely my fault for not having too much "junk" .... But we all know it's not junk! So what could our solution be? What options do we have?
Our home isn't large by any stretch of the imagination. So there is not a room available in the house to move into. Buying a new bigger house was a thought for a while. But, we try to be very money-wise and not fond of a big mortgage payment that comes with buying a new home. We decided to stay in our paid for home. So, our next thought was a new outbuilding dedicated to my crafting needs. This seemed like our most logical option.
My husband is quite handy but not up to the task of building a new complete building from scratch. So we thought a factory built building would suffice for our needs and still allow us to customize the inside as needed.
I set out on my search to find a builder. I came across few local building sales lots. I even went straight to the build shop! I was determined to find someone willing to talk to me and walk me through the whole process so I could get just want I wanted out of my custom build. After talking to multiple people I decided that the build shop manager was the most helpful. I had gotten a booklet and talked with my husband about where it would be placed in our yard. Then, I was able to determine the layout I wanted.
I went back to the shop and worked hand in hand with the builder to draw up the  plans for my custom "SHE SHED"! I am so excited to have been able to add my touch to things such as window placement. I feel like this will be perfect for me.
This photo is the closest stock photo I could find to show y'all what the outside will look like. My window placement will be slightly different from this one but the porch, door placement, and colors are going to be just like this one.
It will built and delivered within a few weeks and then we can move on to electricity. Stay tuned to follow along and see how electrifying that process turned out to be!

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