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Hey there!
I am Antonia. It's nice to meet you. I am the owner/digitizer of Embroidery Playground. This means I create digital embroidery designs. It's quite fun and I love embroidery and digitizing. You will often find me in my craft room (she shed) in a cozy onesie because it gets cold out there! Using Embroidery, I make things like this....
I have always been a big crafter. It started way back when I was little bitty making popsicle stick houses. Those were the good days... Now, instead of a little box of popsicle sticks and elmer's glue, I have a whole craft room of playthings! So, I had to start a business to make it a self-sustaining hobby.
I like to think of myself as a "Jane of All Crafts". That's kind of like a "Jack of All Trades" only different. We can't forget the other half of that saying though, "Master of None". I try out lots of crafts and do all sorts of things. I love learning new processes and I often learn as I go. I am surprised many times of the outcome of many of my projects. Here are a few of the things I've made using various crafting methods....
As you can see, I like to do many different things. Paper crafting, engraving, adhesive vinyl, embroidery, HTV, wreath making, and even florals. I am also kind of a chatting girl. That would be my main reason for working on this blog.
I hope to share my projects with you. I will share my new crafts with you as I learn them and any tips or tricks along the way that I think you may need to know. I love seeing everyone's creativity, so I invite you all to join my facebook group. It's called Embroidery Playground Fans because that is my main area of expertise but I welcome you all join in and share your projects from other crafts as well.


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  • I look forward to reading more about your ratty adventures.


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