Delivery and Lighting - Know Your Restrictions

After designing the layout I wanted, I had to wait for the builders to work their magic. Approximately 2 weeks later my new "Craft Cave" was set to arrive! The delivery driver called to schedule the delivery so I knew it was ready. I couldn't wait the three days for it to be delivered so I drove out to the lot so I could take look and make sure everything was beautiful.
Before delivery, I needed to be sure that the place I wanted it was actually allowed. We live in an area of our county with certain restrictions. I needed to contact the codes office to be sure I was placing the building in a safe place. Since this is considered a portable building, our restriction called for 10 feet setback from the property line and 10 feet from the other buildings on the property.
I grabbed my tape measure and some stakes! I was set to mark off my exact placement. I nestled my little "She Shed" beneath some trees to the left of our home. The delivery included placing the building on blocks and leveling. So, we were able to just stand back and watch the one man do his job. He managed to set it up all by himself with no trouble at all. I would have thought there would have been a whole team. Nope. One guy all by himself. 
I'm not exactly crazy about the view from the back porch due to the ugly service pole. But, That made light work (no pun intended) of the next task. Installing the electricity.
A bittersweet turn of events happened after delivery. A global pandemic has been announced. Unfortunately, this means social distancing is recommended. This time off work for my husband meant more time to work on home projects. I am so lucky to have a husband dedicated to getting a project done.
Our next task was getting the electricity hooked up. He asked me to mark placement for the lights and outlets I wanted. After talking with some of you and thinking about my potential layout, I was able to mark placement for enough lights and outlets to run a football stadium! OK, maybe not quite that many, but close.
Another restriction we needed to be aware of was electricity. Our district allows for homeowners to conduct their own electrical work. My husband is skilled in this area and had a buddy who is also trained and licensed in this area help him out. No worries! Everything was installed according to code.
We got the main line hooked up and the service box installed. e have lights!!! Hooray!!! This brings us to current day!
Today's projects include finishing the wiring for the upper half. Which includes the outlets and lights for the loft. Time to get to work... stay tuned!


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