Love Yourself

Hey!!! Happy February 1!!!
I feel like January was the longest 6 months of my life. How does that even happen? I guess the cold and being cooped up was draining. Not to mention, trying to get back in the groove from the holidays. That is like a chore in itself. I feel like things are going well now though, falling into place nicely.
February is the month of love so we are keeping it short and sweet this month so you can get to doing what you love! Stitching. Plain and simple. We all love being at our machines and we love making things for those we love (and occasionally ourselves).  So, let's get right into it, go grab this cute little cupid heart and enjoy your stitch time for yourself. Then, pop it on your home sign so every time you see it, you remember to love yourself too! 
If you are new to the whole Home Sign thing start from the beginning!
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