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Hello Friends! Welcome to the first official installment into this, what will hopefully be, a helpful blog. 

I wanted to create a new embroidery design specifically as an ongoing freebie. I saw a wooden sign that had a similar concept and I thought that was a great idea. So I adapted it to embroidery and created this fun door sign. This design can be versatile. Since 5x7 inches can be smaller than most door decor, You could also use this to accent a wreath. Or, just hang it on the wall near your front entrance.

These designs will remain free until the 12 month collection is complete. At which time, it will then be a complete set. The first file will include the sign itself and a cute bunny feltie for April to accent the "HME". I will be releasing a new feltie to go with this sign each month.  Of course you can always use any feltie you like for the sign accent. I have included a PDF file with step by step instructions in the ZIP file with the design.

 Get the free design here.




This design is really quite simple to create. 


Gather your supplies. You will need 2 pieces of vinyl for the front and back of sign. A ribbon for hanging - I used approximately a 10 inch piece of 7/8 ribbon. You will also need a way to attach the feltie to the sign. I used a magnet but you could also use adhesive backed Velcro.

First thing first - Prepare your hoop with tear away stabilizer

For the first 4 steps you will be placing the ribbon in place. Stitch sequence 1 - placement for one end of ribbon. Place the end of the ribbon with raw edge within the hoop and the long end hanging out. Stitch sequence 2 - tack down for the other ribbon end. If you choose, you can bypass the ribbon steps and mount the sign on a wreath or frame it and place it on a table or stand! There are so many creative options. 

Next we will be attaching the front of your sign. Using a solid color vinyl will look great so the words and accent will stand out even more. Stitch Sequence 5 and Place your vinyl on top of hoop with right side facing up. Secure in place or hold carefully. Then stitch sequence 6 - This will be the tack down for the front vinyl.

Then we will be stitching sequence 7 and 8 - the lettering. Try to remember that you will be changing out this sign each month if you choose and you will want the colors to coordinate with each month's feltie. I used blue and black but I think the next one will be shades of grey or a dark vinyl with white letters. Again, so many creative options! 


Next, Stitch Sequence 9 - This little circle Marks placement for magnet or Velcro. 


Story time - At this point I played with an alternative for the magnet. I really wanted to use a magnet. I just felt like it would hold better. So I hot glued a magnet to the back of my hoop on this spot. First lesson, always check the polarity of the magnet first. don't put it on upside down. You want the magnets to stick together not repel each other. Ask me how I know! Second lesson, don't use a thick magnet. You will want a thinner magnet if you choose to place a magnet inside the feltie as well as the sign.  Lesson three, Just put the magnet on the outside front of the hoop on top of the little circle when it's all done and out of the hoop. OK enough of story time. That just goes to show you will all have learning moments when we don't have enough coffee to think things through. Back to work!


Place your other piece of vinyl on back of hoop with right side facing out away from hoop. Secure in place. Be sure your ribbon is still hanging outside of hoop, away from all stitching. Then, stitch Sequence 10 - Tack down for backing

Remove from hoop and carefully trim away excess material 1/4 inch all the way around the sign. I line up a ruler with the stitch line and then trim with a rotary cutter. Be careful do NOT cut your ribbon.

Place the magnet or Velcro in place on front of sign. 

Use the inter-changeable felties to accent the "HME"


Now let's make a feltie!!


Felties are so simple and quick to create. They can also be very versatile and come in 3 sizes. Felties are used in many creative projects. Bows, pencil toppers, badge reel covers, paper clips, magnets, and many many more uses. For this project we will be using magnets and accenting the sign with one.


First thing again you will hoop tearaway stabilizer and stitch placement for your front piece of felt or vinyl that you will place right side up covering placement stitches

Stitch feltie details - this bunny feltie has 2 steps of details but others can be different.

Place backing on BACK of hoop with right side out, covering all stitching. Secure in place.

Stitch Tack down for backing.

Remove from hoop and trim neatly all around feltie then attach magnet or Velcro to the back! 

Yes, they are that easy! 


Attach your feltie accent to your sign and display proudly as a wreath accent, door hanger, or wall decor.

 One of my VIPs made this sign with the cork. I loved it and found some on Amazon, I will be getting soon.

I had such a great time creating this file for you. I would love to see all of your creativity you use when making these. Please come to the group and share pictures of your signs! Stay tuned for next month's free feltie!


 UPDATE: We have noticed that the sign wants to fold inward when hanging. So, to prevent this you will need a thin dowel rod, and 2 - 3 inch pieces of ribbon. In place of the long ribbon, You will attach one ribbon loop on each side instead of the long ribbon ends. Then slide the dowel through the loops. Use the long ribbon to tie onto the ends of the dowel to hang.




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  • Thank you so much! I love this design!

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    Josephine A Herbert
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    Laura McCart

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