Fresh as the Fallen Snow

Welcome to 2020! It's a fresh start with a fresh new year.
Fresh as the fallen snow. Let's all kick off the new year with happy thoughts and well wishes for all.
This time of the year makes me think about my goals for the year. What do I want to accomplish this year? Do I want to try something new? Do I want to do something different? Do I want to break a bad habit? I feel as though everyone's goals are personal and their innermost thoughts and feelings. So, I won't bore you with my goals and won't pressure you to share yours. Just know, I wish nothing but happiness for you. And whatever your goal for the new year, I hope you achieve it.
So, this month, for your home sign have a snowflake feltie to remind you to focus on your goals and make a fresh (as the fallen snow) start to your new year!
If you are new to the whole Home Sign thing start from the beginning!
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Check out OUR newest Fidget Blanket creation!
And coordinating Fidget Book!
Both of these new designs are great for keeping hands busy. Whether it be little fingers of the little ones in your life. Or the elderly minds at your local nursing home. Maybe your goal for the new year to donate more to your community? Or tackle an ITH (in the hoop) project?
Either way I wish you well and

Happy New Year!


  • Just found the site Love it

    Sue Beard
  • My new goal is to make this sign and a few of the felties. I think the paw print will be the norm at our house since is’t full of rescues. The Angel Bear will also be made for all the grandchildren since we lost my mom this year. Thank you for your beautiful designs which serve as awesome inspirations


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