Beginning Embroidery on a Budget


Any hobby can become very expensive. Learning tips and tricks through trial and error can blaze through a crafting budget quickly. It's best to learn from others when you can. I am going to share a few of my favorite budget friendly tips as well as a great source for finding inexpensive blanks to practice on!

Tip 1: Find your favorite embroidery designs and designers! Many wonderful embroidery designers (including Embroidery Playground) have sales often and share special discounts in their Facebook groups! Our group is Embroidery Playground Fans. You can Join Now! This will help you to learn many different styles and techniques from all different designers. Joining and contributing to conversations in groups will also help to make like-minded friends!

These are a few of my favorite groups:

Salty Stitches Studio, My Chaotic Embroidery, Designs By Baby Moon, and Honey Bear Embroidery

And that brings me to

Tip 2: Test new designs on scrap fabric first!

Always get in the habit of stitching your new designs, whether purchased or free. There is often great variation from one designer to the next and it is not always easy to spot quality in pictures on a website. You want to be sure the design you are about to stitch is going to stitch how YOU are expecting it to. You might be expecting a light filled design, but after testing you realize it is too dense for that thin fabric you may have been planning on using. Good thing you didn't waste that pretty blank!

Which brings me to

Tip 3: Inexpensive Blanks! I absolutely love Dollar Tree!!! I swear by it when starting out with embroidery. There are so many great items there.


There is a pretty big selection of towels to embellish! I'm not a fan of the microfiber but the others are great! Hand towels, pot holders, and even cute little baby blankets and bibs can easily be personalized or customized with a fun embroidery design!


 In some local stores, you can also find slightly defective shirts to practice on! Some of them you hardly notice the defect so for personal use and practicing they are perfect.

Some items vary from store to store and my local store is on the small side so I ventured to the next town over to explore the options. I'm so glad I did. I even found fabric!!! I was so shocked to see fat quarters in this store! 

These items are perfect to use to create a fun little gift for someone you know. And on their website you can get free shipping to your local store! In my opinion, free shipping is a bonus all by itself.

I hope these three little tips help you to stay on a budget when beginning your new embroidery hobby.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!


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