Apple for the Teacher. But, Why?


We often associate teachers, back to school, and educational in general with the good ole apple. But, I didn't even really know why. So instead of just tossing this design out here for you, I have decided to give you another fun little history lesson.

The true origin is still somewhat of a mystery. There are several stories dating way back that reference apples and education going hand in hand. The main story that comes to mind for me is the story of Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge. Perhaps that is the one and only main reason for this tradition.

If you want a little more recent information. You can also date the association back to pre-1900s. You see, mandatory education didn't become commonplace until 1900's. However, families would often pay to have their children taught, often through church programs, or home based private teachers. Poor families would give teachers baskets of apples in exchange for teaching their children. Also, later during the great depression, struggling teachers were again gifted with apples.

I found these stories very interesting and I hope you did too. If your school allows it, giving a teacher an apple is still a kind way to show a teacher your appreciation!

I hope you do something fun with this month's Home Sign Feltie. Maybe even glue a magnet on the back and gift it to a favorite teacher!

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  • Thank you for the design, it’s so cute! I really need to make this sign!

    Lou Ann

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