Angel Bear Tutorial with Free Lace Wings



There is no doubt there are many ups and downs in life.
We praise the good and dread the bad. 
Many times we try to forget all of the negative things in life.
Forgive forget and move on. 
But then there are those times we just cannot forget and nor do we ever want to. 
Like the loss of a loved one. Times like this are sad but you never want to 
forget the life and love of your loved one.



I have created this Angel Bear Design just for this purpose. I have seen many pillows made with  clothing left behind from a loved one. Unfortunately, when I lost my father, I was unable to collect many of his personal belongings. I ended up with only a couple of his shirts that he had handed down to my husband before he passed.  I have treasured these shirts and was afraid to make a pillow. I felt using the shirt for just one pillow was selfish of me because I would not have anything to pass on to my children or other loved members of the family. So I needed a smaller sentiment for memorial purposes. I thought the ITH stuffies would be perfect but I needed something a little more special. It needed to be an angel. So was born this cute Angel Bear! 


With only the sleeves of one of my dad's shirts I was able to make 3 of these bears! I used faux fur for the body and for the wings and heart, I used my Dad's shirt. I think those spots turned out so cute showcasing the memorial shirt! And I still have plenty of fabric left over to make more. 


Here is how you can make it!


You will need

 2 - 6x8 pieces of fabric for the body

2 - 5x5 Pieces of fabric for the wings

1 - 4x4 piece of fabric for the heart

Poly fil - Fluff


First things first, The wings need to be made first in a 5x7 hoop of their own with tear-away stabilizer. Stitch the placement line, place the fabric face up, Stitch tack down, stitch wing detail. Easy Peasy right? After the wing detail, You will take your remaining wing fabric and place it right side down on top of the hoop, then stitch the final tack down. You may now remove the wings from the hoop and trim the edges all the way around following the stitch line. Turn the wings right side out making sure to poke all the way to the tip of the wings. At this point, You have a 2 options. You can choose to press the wings and leave them flat. Or you can Stuff them with poly-fil and have cute little fluffy wings. The choice is yours! I always encourage you to be creative! When you get your wings turned out, and pressed or fluffed, go ahead and set them aside. You will need them soon.


I am providing optional lace angel wings if you would like to use them! They will be stitched with matching bobbins on wash away stabilizer. After stitching, clean up stabilizer, then press and starch if desired. Set lace wings aside.!AgxBEll-KK-zqBNvYtl3FjUWd4An



Ok, With a hoop all full of tear away stabilizer and the body file loaded to your machine, You are ready to make the bear. Stitch placement, lay first body fabric face up, (if you are using a faux fur you will want to also place water soluble topping over the fur) and stitch tack down. No need to trim anything yet. Next you will stitch the placement for the heart fabric, place it over the stitching face up and stitch tack down. Trim around the heart only. Trim as close to the stitching as you can but careful not to cut the stitches. Next will be the satin stitching around the heart. Use your own color choices. Use that creativity! After the satin stitching you will be stitching the details of the feet, hands, and ears. The you will be stitching the face details. If you like, this is the perfect time to add a name or date inside of the heart using your own fonts and software.




Now you are ready to attach the wings. You will be attaching the right wing first. Stitch the placement line. Then, place the wings right side down on the bears belly. When looking at the hoop you should see the back of the wing with the raw edge hanging towards the outside of the bear body. You will want to line up the stitch line on the wing with the placement line on the body. Got it in place? Secure it in place with tape, pins, or fingers you don't mind possibly losing. (just kidding - be safe - you need those fingers) Now stitch the tack down for the right wing. Now, repeat for the left wing... Easy peasy again right?


If you are using the lace wings you can skip to placing the backing on. 






Now that your wings are attached, be sure they are secure in the middle of the bear. Place the remaining body fabric face down over the entire hoop. This piece should cover the entire design. Stitch the final tack down. You will notice 2 little extensions on the ends of this stitch. These are there for a reason. These little extensions assist in making the little flaps stay tucked in properly allowing for easier closing. Trim all the way around the bear leaving a little 1/4 inch seam. You may want to make little snips in the bends of his neck area and around the ears. This will allow those spots to turn out with stress causing puckers. Now that you have him all trimmed up and clean from stabilizer, take a deep breath and start turning him right side out. Once he is all turned out, reach in and push out all of the edges and the ears. Then stuff this little guy to your hearts content. Soft, firm, skinny, or fluffy, It' all up to you. It's your bear!! Now all that is left to do is close up the little hole. I usually hand stitch but you can also use fabric glue.


If you are using the lace wings, you will hand stitch them in place on the back of the bear now. 




See that wasn't too hard now was it? Now, go make another one! 

Have fun and be sure share your pictures in the group!



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